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KO’d By Fear

In January, I wrote a post about my New Year’s resolutions. My plan for this year was to make it epic. While it may not be obvious in that post, I had big hopes for this year. I wanted to … Continue reading

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I love people, which makes sense. As a portrait photographer, your job is people and the visual arts. Without people, I would have no job, no art. I am dependant on the beautiful people that enter my life. And that … Continue reading

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Life Unexpected

Life is unexpected. Today was a prime example of that. I started my day pretty much like any other. I woke up at 12:30pm because I have been dreadfully sick, but everything else was normal. I showered, checked facebook, got … Continue reading

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Today, I was thinking about chaos. Dictionary.com defines “chaos” as a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization. After doing a quick google search, I found that the origin of the word “chaos” comes from the … Continue reading

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