This year has been a doosy. I look back at it and I am amazed at the blessings that I have received and have been able to take part in. My dad bought me a new camera, I took a photography class and then BOOM! I started my business. (Ok, it didn’t happen that fast.) It’s crazy how this all unfolded around me. I took big steps of faith, made mistakes, got messy and had a lot of fun. I’ve met so many wonderful people and reignited old friendships. I’ve learned so much and matched it with growth. This year has definitely surprised me and I am excited to see what 2011 holds. But before all that, I have some highlights to share with you lovely people.

Almost a year ago, I did my first major photoshoot with my dear friend, Connor, who was running his own clothing design business and he needed some photos of his clothes for advertising. It was an incredible shoot that I will always remember. To see more from this shoot, click here.

One big accomplishment in my photography career is taking the giant leap from shooting on semi-automatic to manual. My first attempt was during my photoshoot with another dear friend, Andy. The sun was scorching outside and I knew that I had to shoot on manual or our photoshoot was doomed. (So dramatic, I know.) And so I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and I am still in love with the photos I took. Click here for more photos of Andy.

Meeting Shanna, from Shanna Elizabeth Photography, was and has been amazing. She’s a great friend and someone I can always call, text or facebook when I have questions, concerns, frustrations and victories. She has helped me grow as a business woman and to really hold fast to the vision that God has given me for my photography. I love and appreciate her very much. :)

I have a million other milestones, adventures and learning lessons that have impacted my business, but I’ll save that for another day or for a coffee date with one of you fine folks. Thank you so much for being dedicated followers of my business and for your support and love. I’ve needed a lot of encouragement this year and I appreciate every single person that walked beside me and cheered me on. I cherish every one of you.

Before 2010 closes, I will be making a separate post with some of my other favourite photos. Stay tuned!


About Michaela

Hello! My name is Michaela and welcome to my piece of cyberspace. I am a passionate care aid/respite worker primarily for seniors. I love my work and I find it quite fulfilling. I am also very interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness. When I'm not working or blogging, I'm usually reading, researching, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, hiking, or cuddling with my dogs.
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