Matt & Carissa

I met Matt, well, when I was born. Matt was 5 years old and I was his new baby sister. I’m sure that, when he saw me for the first time, he was filled with awe and wonder. Growing up, I definitely took Matt for granted. As the second youngest child, with 5 siblings (four of them boys), it felt like there was a bit too much testosterone in our house. My brothers bullied me, as most brothers do, but, in their defense, I was really annoying at the best of times.

But now that I am all grown up, hopefully more mature and less annoying, I cherish my oldest brother, Matt. He is a wonderful brother. He’s crazy smart, insightful, loyal, loving, hilarious and always willing to beat up any boys that try and get close to me. He has taught me a lot about life, relationships and God. And I am indebted to his persistance, for God used his stubborness to bring me to church and lead me to Christ.

I met Carissa almost 5 years ago. The moment I met her I felt like she was my sister. It was a weird feeling and one that I expressed to her very quickly. A couple months after I met her, she decided to go to Finland to be a nanny for three months and I thought, “Holy cow! We need to hang out before she goes!” When we hung out, I told her that, even though I barely knew her, in my heart she was my sister. It was like God bound our hearts together in preparation for what was to come. He’s funny like that.

A couple of years later, Matt confessed to my mother and I that he was fond of Carissa (i.e. he was crushin’). I watched as Matt took it to prayer, told Carissa that he liked her and then both of them prayed about their potential relationship for about 6 months. Wow. They wanted to do dating right and they wanted God to be the center of their relationship. Eventually, they started dating and then got engaged after a year. They’ve now been married for a year and a half and it’s been awesome! They are a wonderful couple and I am so excited to see how God uses them to change the world. I’m also excited for when they have little ones in their likeness, but I hear that will be awhile. ;)

Enjoy the photos below and I am going to make some soup because I am sick. Ugh…

For more photos of Matt and Carissa, check out my facebook page!


About Michaela

Hello! My name is Michaela and welcome to my piece of cyberspace. I am a passionate care aid/respite worker primarily for seniors. I love my work and I find it quite fulfilling. I am also very interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness. When I'm not working or blogging, I'm usually reading, researching, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, hiking, or cuddling with my dogs.
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3 Responses to Matt & Carissa

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  2. iamjem says:

    I think you’re brother and new sister are beautiful. You’re pictures as well. I am no expert in photography but i recognize pictures that show a lot of love and I am seeing them right here.

    Keep up sharing about God’s love. I think it makes the world more beautiful each day. I know I am seeing it right now.

    • Michaela says:

      Thank you so much! Wow! That was an encouraging comment. Matt & Carissa have a lot of love inside of them & it was so fun capturing it.

      And while I still consider myself a beginner with understanding God’s love, I feel so blessed to be able to share what I am learning via the blog world.

      Thanks again & please stop by & leave more comments! :)

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